Joomla 5.0.1: Security Issues and Bugs Fixed

We are happy to inform you that Joomla 5.0.1 has been released, which includes fixes for security and bugs in the 5.x version of Joomla. This release continues Joomla’s high standards in accessible web design, highlighting Joomla's values of inclusiveness, simplicity, and security into an even more powerful open-source web platform.

Bug fixes and Improvements with 5.0.1

  • Fix SVG display in media manager list view [42119]
  • Add information in custom fields about finder indexing [42111]
  • Fix notice in mail template [41679]
  • Improvement of messenger view [42135]
  • Fix of the CLI installer [42135]
  • Fix wrong min PHP requirement for CLI installer [42174]
  • Fix error handling in public folder installation [42168]
  • Add Compat-plugin loader to API [42217]
  • Fix line break in TinyMCE editor [42227]
  • Update TinyMCE editor [42240]
  • Fix “no user” selection in user field [42256]
  • Fix inherited parameters in Cassiopeia template [42294]
  • Fix unnecessary space in custom field [42285]
  • Fix TinyMCE mobile view [42306]
  • Fix Table class when created in legacy mode [42180]
  • Conditional dark mode in editors [42322]
  • Fix hard code key names for ModalSelectField [42346]
  • Several language and code style improvements

Where can I download Joomla 5.0.1?

On the Downloads site, of course :)